GRDC Grower Network

GRDC Grower Network Local Forums 

The GRDC Grower Network is a new initiative to engage growers and other stakeholders to guide investment of research levies to seek solutions to issues faced by grain growers to help drive growers enduring profitability. 

Grower Network Local Forums are open meetings where grain growers and other stakeholders can bring issues and constraints up that can be taken forward for further consideration by the Grower Network Members who have the responsibility to take these issues to GRDC for investment.

Grower Network Members are an appointed panel made up of growers and other industry personell who are charged with the reponsibility to review the issues brought forawrd from the Local Forums, build on them further and present them to GRDC for consideration for investment of grower levies to seek solutions. The grower Network members meet twice a year following on the Local forums.