GRDC Grower Network Forums


GRDC Grower Network Forums

Scheduled in August of 2022 is the GRDC Grower Network Forums. Locations for 2022 are- 

Canowindra- 1:00 PM, 22nd August 2022 (BBQ lunch provided)

Trundle- 8:00 AM, 23rd August 2022 (BBQ breakfast provide)

Tottenham- 2:00 PM, 23rd August 2022 (light refreshments only)

Narromine- 8:00 AM, 24th August 2022 (breakfast provided)

Wellington- 2:00 PM, 24th August 2022 (light refreshments only)

The GRDC Grower Network Forums are an opportunity for all those involved in the grains industry to discuss ideas, issues, constraints, and opportunities affecting grain growing businesses. GRDC representatives will be present to discuss current and future research, development, and extension investments relevant to that area.

At each meeting there will be an opportunity to hear from, and engage with key researchers and learn from their local trial work.