EOI 2014 GOA herbicide resistance survey


GOA is again running a herbicide resistance survey for the 2014 harvest period.

But this year's survey is going to run differently to last years survey where the response was overwhelming and quite a number of people missed out on getting samples into the survey.

This year tests will not be allocated on first in best dressed. People will be asked to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) in participating. All submissions will be considered after the closing date of the 7th of November 2014, and the availbale tests will be distributed to ensure a fair and even access to the survey. Some preference will be given to the parts of the GOA region that were not well represented in last year's survey.

This year GOA asks you to submit at least two samples per grower of which GOA will pay for the dearer one of them. You may submit additional tests through this survey so that those additional results add to our database but extra samples will be at your cost and samples can only be tested to the standard range of herbicides. The prices charged for tests will be the standard commercial rate.

Indicitive pricing

Annual Ryegrass samples $790 inc GST each testing 10 herbicide and rate combinations

Wild Oats samples $570 inc GST each testing 6 herbicide and rate combinations

This years approach is aimed at ensuring a more even distribution of the available samples right across the whole GOA region and to encourage more tests from GOA's investment, giving the industry a much larger data set.

If you are interested in participating in this survey please register your Expression of Interest by-

clicking here