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Date Name Size Download
21/02/2013 GRDC Update 2013- Canola S nutrition in CW NSW 639.7KB Download Download
20/02/2013 Trial report- TT Canola Herbicide Demonstration Curban 2012 286.5KB Download Download
07/01/2013 Trial report- Timing of DK Site report Wongarbon site 2011 404.9KB Download Download
31/01/2012 GRDC Update 2012- Canola harvest management 2012 299.2KB Download Download
26/01/2012 GRDC Update 2012- The management of yellow leaf spot, the effect of fungicide timings on efficacy. 455.1KB Download Download
25/01/2012 GRDC Update 2010- Canola harvest management 2010 299.2KB Download Download
18/08/2011 GRDC Update 2010-Canola harvest options 2010 260.1KB Download Download
10/03/2011 GRDC Update 2011 - Sulfur nutrition in Canola 210.4KB Download Download
28/02/2011 GRDC update 2011- Stripe rust in dual purpose wheat 2011 191.3KB Download Download
28/02/2011 GRDC Update 2011 - Windmill grass- The current state of play. 239.4KB Download Download